Nillandra (Glasgow v/h Merelsnest) most talented horse Morrenhof Jansen Young Horse Training

STAPHORST - Out of a hundred participants, Nilandra (Glasgow v/h Merelsnest x Contendro) from breeder Yvonne Vaartjes-Westerbeek was declared the most talented horse at the Morrenhof Jansen Young Horse Show. Nilandra was ridden by Maxim Peeters. Breeders of Nilandra are Yvonne Vaartjes and  Egbert-Jan Westerbeek.

Training was given by Marcel de Boer, Lennard de Boer and Frits Leenders, among others. 

The young horse training final was held at manege Staphorst.
The participants were judged by an external jury consisting of Jack Broek and Zoï Snels on, among other things, talent for jumping and riding the course.

The judges' comment for Nillandra was:
"It was not the prettiest round in the final but she showed so much quality during the training on the jump that we chose her as the most quality horse.
She jumps very light-footed and all jumps the same way, quick off the ground, careful, easy and can jump well forward on the jump and switch well. Definitely a good horse for the future! Fine horse to continue with!"

The other prize winners with offspring of VDL stallions in the final were:
Third place:
Stefan Mol - Oharley (Harley VDL), breeder: VDL Stud
Fifth place:
Hermien de Weerd - Okura (Dallas VDL), breeder: K de Weerd

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Glasgow v/h Merelsnest

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