Great results for Douglas and Zirocco Blue descendants in Canteleu (FRA)

CANTELEU - The CSI3* Grand Prix over 1.50m in Canteleu (FRA) yielded great results for Dakar (Douglas x Emilion) and Felicie Bertrand (FRA). Dakar was second, while Hallilea (Zirocco Blue x Larome) and Lars Kersten (NED) were sixth.
Dakar and Bertrand became eighth in the 1.50m. Breeder of the successful thirteen-year-old Dakar is J. Kroes from Siegerswoude.

H (Indoctro x Emilion) and Mathieu Billot (FRA) won the Six Bar class.

Kenzo DHH (Glenfiddich VDL x Padinus) and Carla Menon (FRA) were fifth in the 1.35m.

In the 1.40m class Creevyquinn Pearl (Cardento VDL x Corland), ridden by Anthony Condon (IRL), placed fourth.
With Iliana (Cardento x Gentleman, breeder: J.A.M. Bocken), Lars Kersten (NED) finished sixth in another 1.40m class.

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Douglas VDL

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