Niveau (s. Emmerton VDL) 6th in Grand Prix Bor�s

Niveau (Emmerton VDL x Voltaire) and Linda Heed became 6th in the Grand Prix of Boras in Sweden, Wireina (Indoctro x Animo), ridden by Irma Karlsson, placed 7th.

Sweet Escape H (Cardento x Caretello B) and Satu Liukkonen won a 1.40m class.

Carusa (Cardento x Highlight), ridden by Elin Sjörgen, placed 9th in a 1.45m class. Niveau and Heed also placed 10th in a 1.45m class.

In the 1* Grand Prix of Boras Zwiggy (Sydney x Guidam) and Cornelia Rylen became 7th and Cumlan (Cardento x Hubertus), ridden by Jill Andersson, became 8th.

At the national show in Boras Carippu (Cardento x Stanford) and Karolina KielbasaBorgström won the National Grand Prix. They also placed 2nd in a 1.40m class.

Wizard V (Cardento x Elmshorn) and Isabell Eklöf won a 1.40m class and Heechhiems Ottawa (Jus de Pomme x Ramiro Z), ridden by Ottilia Lundgren, and Zhin Chin (Chin Chin x Cantus), ridden by Alice Lindgren, jumped both clear in a 1.35m class and Hard To Get Of Beauty (Indoctro x Chin Chin), ridden by Sandra Bonow, place 8th in a 1.35m class.

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