VDL stallions to 2nd round KWPN Stallionselection

At the first round of the KWPN Stallionselection 10 VDL stallions are selected for the 2nd round in Den Bosch. These are the stallions:

  • Vorst, (nr. 17),  Atlantic x Jus de Pomme, bred by E. van Ittersum from Giethoorn;
  • Vyruso H,  (nr. 97), Corland x Indoctro, bred by A.J. Hazenberg from Opende;
  • Vondel, (nr. 166), Flemmingh x Silvano N, bred by K. Worst from Arrien;
  • Valdez VDL, (nr. 248), Hold up Premier x Accord II, bred by the VDL Stud;
  • Volter, ( nr. 299), Indorado x Goodwill, bred by H. Roeven from Maasbree;
  • NN, (nr 394), Lorentin I x Raimondo, bred by D. Schimmer from Weddingstedt (Ger);
  • Vancouver VDL, (nr. 561), Pacific x Nimmerdor, bred by the VDL Stud;
  • Vancouver D.M.L., (nr. 562) Pacific x Wellington, bred by D. Leisra from Grou;
  • Valuta, (nr. 620), Quidam de Revel x Contender, bred by D. Noordhuis from Wijster;
  • Sarantos, (nr. 726), Emilion x Larome, bred by L. Baas from Nijeholtwolde.

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