VDL Broere Pacific wins young horse competition Zuidlaren

VDL Pacific (Corland�x Nimmerdor) has won with a lot of conviction the international competition of 6- and 7-years old horses at the Horse Show of Zuidlaren. VDL Pacific and rider Wout jan van der Schans were first , 2nd and 3rd in this competiton.

On�Thursday, the first day of the competition, VDL�Pacific was 3rd in the 1.30 m/1.35 m class directly on time. On�Friday there was again a 1.30 m/1.35 m class directly on time and now VDL Pacific was the 2nd best horse. On Saturday, the last competition round, VDL Pacific was clear� in the jump-off and won the class with a time that was 1,24 seconds faster then the 2nd horse.

The 6-years old horses VDL Rocksina (Corland x Emilion) and Rindorado (Indorado x Goodtimes) were also succesfull in this competition.
VDL Rocksina, ridden by Angelique Hoorn, was 10th on Thursday, had one down on Friday and was 10th on Saturday.
Rindorado, ridden by Jur Vrieling, was 4th on Thursday, had one down on Friday and�was 14th on Saturday.

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