VDL bloodlines in front at jumping circuit in Italy

In Italy horses, who are registrated by UNIRE (Italian Studbook), can compete in a jumpingcompetition that is organised by  UNIRE. There is also a competiton where horses of several studbooks can compete: the Eccellenza Circuit. In both circuits offspring by VDL stallions are very succesfull.

The mare Corlanda FZ (Corland x Carnaval) has won the circuit of UNIRE of the 4-years old jumphorses. At the 4th place was Indovino FZ (Indoctro x Vindicator). In the competition of the 6-years old jumphorses we find R.Djedai (Ahorn x Indoctro) on the 3rd place.

The leader of the 5-years old horses in the the Eccellenza circuit is All Ten (Emilion x Nimmerdor). Dafnel (Ahorn x Villaciaro) is on the 8th place, Denise de Monte lLngu (Emilion x Porte Bonheur) is 11th and Isandra (Indoctro x Carneval) is at the 12th place. Isandra is bred by Franca Zanetti from Italy. 
In the class of the 6-years old horses Randa FZ is on the 3rd place. Randa FZ is bred by fam. Derks from Bant and sold by the VDL Stud to Italy. On the 7th place is a breeding product by the VDL Stud, VDL Rocker (Indoctro x Grannus). VDL Rocker is also sold to Italy by the VDL Stud. On the 13th place is Baldo Della Loggia (Ahorn x Jasmin) and on place 14 is Rosita (Indoctro x Nimmerdor), bred by J.P. Kalverboer from Weidum and sold by the VDL Stud. Marina Della Quartarella (Indoctro x Alme Z) is at the 15th place.

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