VDL Emmerton 6th in Scandinavian Championship.

VDL Emmerton (Emilion x Nimmerdor), ridden by Peter Eriksson, was 6th in the final of the Skandinavian Championship of the 6 years old horses in Falsterbo. This stallion is bred by S. van der Meer from Surhuisterveen (Holland). VDL Casa Grande (Cassini I x Landgraf I), ridden by Jens Fredericson, became 12th. In this final with 20 competers were also 3 offsprings by VDL Cardento. The mare Candide (Cardento x Maraton), ridden by Erika Lickhammer, was 2nd. The gelding Tumbling Dice (Cardento x Norson), ridden by Jennifer Pedersen, was 9th and the gelding Capricorn (Cardento x Nurprimus), ridden by Frederik Linell, became 20th. A good result out of the first breeding year of VDL Cardento.  

In the finals of the 5 years old horses the mare Sunsolde  (Corland x Nimmerdor), ridden by Helena Feuk Lundahl, became 7th. This mare is owned by M & H Feuk Lundahl and the VDL Stud and bred by W. Abbring from Onnen (Holland). The Stallion Santa Cruz VDL (Corland x Ramiro Z), ridden by Jens Fredericson, became 20th in this final. This stallion is bred by the Family Hazenberg from Opende (Holland). 

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