VDL Horses in front at national Jumping Shows

Dennis van Tilburg, rider of the VDL Stud, did very well at the national jump show in Dokkum with VDL Voice (Indoctrox Bonheur). He won two times the Z-class. He also was 3rd in the Z-class (with jump-off) with VDL Acapulco (by Athleet). The Indorado-son Raimond W, ridden by Sieb Jan Wichers, was 3rd in the Z-class direct on time.

The Emillon-mare Meta Utopia, ridden by Michiel Brusse, won the ZZ-class, the Corland-stallion Pulsar with Hester Klompmaker became 2nd and the Indoctro-mare Parterre, ridden by Folkert Kelderman became 3rd.

In Zuidwolde VDL Rocksina (Corland x Emilion), ridden by Angelique Hoorn, won a Z-class and was one time 4th.

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