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Callahan VDL & Daytona VDL approved in Sweden

Last weekend there were 2 VDL stallions approved at the Swedish Stallions Inspections:

Daytona VDL (Don Primero x Belfalas), Daytona also became champion of the stalliontest in Munster Handorf last year. Daytona is owned together with Flyinge in Sweden and is stationed over there. Daytona is bred in Holland with mr. Wolters from Broeksterwoude.

Callahan VDL (Contendro x For Pleasure) is stationed at the station of Jens & Malin Fredrikson in Sweden. 

Also the Flemmingh x Florestan stallion Wladimir OA is approved by the Swedish Studbook, Wladimir OA is bred by mr. Anema from Wijckel. There was also a son of VDL Emmerton approved during the selections.

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