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VDL Silverstone winner of KWPN Stallioncompetition

After winning 3 of the 4 competition rounds of the KWPN Stallioncompetition, there was also a good result by VDL Silvertsone in the final round. To win the total competition VDL Silverstone had to stay clear in the jump-off of the final round, and this is what he did! With a clear round and a 5th place VDL Silverstone and rider Dennis van Tilburg became the winner of the Stallioncompetition 2005/2006.

In the  1.20 m jumping class Harley VDL (Heartbraker x Carthago) and Dennis van Tilburg received a 5th place.

In the young stallions class Veron VDL (Quite Easy x Caretino)  received the 4th place and VDL Vegas (Atlantic x Jus de Pomme) received the 5th place. Both stallions are ridden by Dennis van Tilburg.


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