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VDL stallions approved in Germany

 The Westfaler studbook has approved 2 VDL stallions:  Daytona VDL (Don Primero x Belfalas), who is bred by P. Wolters from Broeksterwoude, Daytona was also champion of the Westfaler stalliontest. Also VDL Content VDL (Conello x Romino) is now approved by the Westfaler Studbook. VDL Content is bred by Witt Pferdezucht from Wellinghuzen (Ger);

VDL Quite Magic (Quidam de Revel x Contender) was approved by the Oldenburg Studbook. VDL Quite Magic is bred by the fam. Noordhuis from Wijster and is a brother of VDL Original. VDL Quite Magic received a good score for his stalliontest, he received an 8,5 for jumping. Also Imotheb  (Indoctro x Calvados) is now approved by the Oldenburg Studbook, Imotheb is bred by R. Hassing from Steggerda.



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